Bolt and Pinnacle are priced very attractively to fit any budget and need.

  • Pricing is modular, so you only pay for what workflows you use.
  • Bolt modules for immunopeptidomics, wildcard search and denovo search can be added as needed.
  • Pricing model types:
    • Pay-per-raw file for Bolt.
    • Annual lease based model makes it very attractive to academic labs with limited budget.
    • Affordable permanent license model.
    • Free version gives you a fully functional version to test and play with on a small data set
    • Affordable permanent license model with one year of free software maintenance included
    • Opportunity to customize the software for very specific workflows or pipelines.

Refund Policy: No refunds are provided for partially used license terms.

For more details on pricing and how to download, please get in touch with us.

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